Full Plate Management System was created out of a need to assist small business owners in their pursuit of cost control and marketing. As a bar/music venue/liquor store owner owner herself, Heather Ransome understands what is like to try to manage and build a business at the same time. Technology is part of the answer, but just buying a system doesn’t solve the whole problem. To use the most current trends in technology as effective tools to run your business, it takes the right kind of company to ensure that you are getting the most out of it, and that goes beyond a couple of training classes and reading a manual. Full Plate Management Systems listens to your business goals and challenges and crafts ideas that work with your technology but doesn’t stop at pushing buttons. Running a small business is sometimes like being a fireman instead of an entrepreneur. We understand because we’ve been there, and our company was designed with cost-effective products and services to help you manage the full plate of tasks you need to accomplish everyday with understanding, experience and a big picture mentality.